The image that I have used at the top of these pages is a photo that I took outside the London Zoo on the pathway between Gloucester Gate and The Broadwalk path. It was in February 2012 the week after CALM Alpha and it was a beautiful day – I think that the temperature reached 16 or 17 degrees Celsius. I felt almost alone – there were not many people around and I took a few photos from the same point such as the one below looking at the zoo.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREI chose the image for this blog because there are some shadows at the front and not many shadows cast by the trees in the distance due to the scattering of clouds that were in the sky. I find the idea of shadows interesting, it is another way of looking at an object and I wonder if we can use the concept to look at methods and principles or values?

If we start with a principle or value from Agile or Lean – are the methods that we use like the shadows of those principles or values? Or is it the other way around?

One thought on “Shadows

  1. interesting but shadows occur from light and it is not our perception or movement around a item that creates the shadow but a completely external influencer ie light.We can see the shodow change etc but we dont impact on the shadow unless we step between the light source and the object. But we know that it is the light that casts these shadows and we are very clear of when we impact this or not.
    To think of each tree as a team, then i see the agile and lean methods (that are used by the team via the IM/coach) as the clouds. Clouds may or may not impact the shadow, but their mass can change the perception of the shadow, the same way agile and lean methods can change the perception of the team shadow.
    Interesting idea to say the least and got my brain working this mon morn for sure.

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