We can start with a goal in mind and then follow a process in order to reach that goal. I have been wondering if this approach sometimes stifles our creativity and what other approaches might also be valid.

 What if we started messing around and doing some random stuff?MessOnce we have done this for a while, we could stand back and look at our creation from different angles.

ArtPerhaps it will look like something useful and then we can decide what to do with it. Somewhere between random stuff and processes we can find creativity and innovation.

2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. guess if it is cheap to do random things then thats cool, and i like the idea for fresh perspectives. but how do you ensure people dont spend all their times doing random stuff that doesnt go anywhere ?

    • Thank you for your comment – I agree, it might be tricky to balance between doing random stuff that might or might not be useful and focussing on processes. Might be worth applying a constraint such as time to avoid too much exploration.

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