It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I was reflecting about the way I used to perceive time.

I used to see the weekends as jewels that were very far apart on a string of grey and dull time that included the obligations of work in between. I would despair that the weekends were so short and start to feel stressed from Sunday lunchtime about how little I had achieved in the weekend.

That was a long time ago – now I see things very differently.

Each day is a gift and I am curious to find out what I will learn from every single day. The reason this has changed is because of the joy that I have in learning new things and having the freedom to do this at work as well as privately.

I am grateful to all the people that have helped me to understand new ways of working related to Cynefin, agile, lean and beyond. You know who you are – if we have ever spoken/tweeted around these topics, or if you have written posts, tweets or books that have inspired the people I have spoken to…Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Hey,

    Right back at you! 🙂 I feel bad for people when they bust out with the “TGIF” and think “Man it would suck for my weekends to have to makeup for a miserable job.”

  2. unfortunately I have most recently moved back from seeing days as gifts/opportunities back to the thin grey line of suffering. Yes it is only up to me to change this and make it a gift again, but I am not sure that i have the support that will make it happen (because it was this ‘support’ that turned it from gift to thin grey line)…. the ability of mgt to give and to take it away.
    Guess it means that I have to just work under the radar for a while again seeking out my own opportunities but being smarter in how I share this wider.
    You are lucky that 1) your mgr allows you the space to succeed and 2) have faith in you…..

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